Guard Your Heart

Have you ever been minding your business and out of no where someone says or does something to you that completely catches you off guard?

I have to admit that I've fallen victim to the unexpected. The car cut off, the condescending tone of an email have been known to get under my skin.

But the question of the day, "Is it really that important to be right or is it more important to be at peace?"

I was recently interviewed on the Ice Coffee and Self-Care podcast and Latorsha asked the question, "What does self-care look like to you?"

My answer, you guessed it was to be at peace.

I have spent a lot of time over my 44 years of life not being at peace. And I can tell you that every time that I have not been at peace as an it adult has been solely my decision to allow the disruption.

Listen I get we are human and things will get to us from time to time. But we have to work on being prepared in those untimely situations. We should already have an action plan in mind for the unexpected because once your in it it's too late to think about what to do.

You'll find yourself operating out of emotions and not thinking clearly. It doesn't matter how we feel about how we are treated by others, what matters more than anything is how you handle it.

We must reserve our energy for the people who are most important in our lives and we also have a responsibility to guard our hearts not simply for us but to be the light in the world.

So guard your heart to protect your peace so that you can be the light that God intended you to be.

To hear more listen here.

By His Grace,


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