Organized Life Starts With An Organized Mind

My cousin and I read devotions together and record our insights on the daily tasks using the #biblegateapp. We recently completed a devotion titled, Grace Over Grind and it speaks to having a kingdom mindset to entrepreneurship.

There is are so many outside influences that we have that cause us to move in a way that is honored by the world's agenda. However, as a believer in Christ I am called to a different set of standards that can only be realized by reading the word of God.

In my recent podcast, Creating Systems to Live By, I talked about how a lot of times in my life I have not stuck with a plan for various reasons either they were unreasonable or they weren't practical for my life.

But, what I have realized more clearly is that in most cases I was not successful in my plans because, I had not consulted my creator about what it was that I wanted to do.

And further more, I had to ask myself the question did my plans line up with God's purpose for my life?

Now, at this stage in my life I know that the work that I am doing is what he has purposed for my life because it makes me uncomfortable.

Why you ask? Because I am imperfect and he wants me to share a message of overcoming shame. Me, of all the people in the world!

He knows every nasty, disobedient, thoughtless thing about me and yet he still chooses me.

So it's because of this fact that the first system that I must start with daily is spending time with my creator in study, prayer and meditation. The time spent with him is imperative not only for where I move but how I move while here on this Earth for it is according to him that I move and have my being.

By His Grace,


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