Practice What You Preach

At the end of September I was ready to hit the 4th quarter of the year strong. Listen, when I tell you my mind and body had a whole other plan for me.

For the past several years I have been dealing with heart palpitations that can be debilitating at times. They have been under control for the most part until...dun, dun, dun 2020!

On top of that I have been dealing with high blood pressure, which I had under control for 10 years but now here I am. All of this while working out consistently!

What I realized was that stress was taking over again and I was going to have to find a better way to manage. I had the chance to sit down with Latorsha Peake from Iced Coffee and Self Care and we had a great conversation of what self care is and how it can vary from person to person.

After, reevaluating my own self care I knew I needed to see my cardiologist and put a plan in place to get a handle on these palpitations and my blood pressure.

I'm currently taking medication that we hope will manage both. I will also continue to exercise, eat well, pray and breathe when everything around me feels like too much.

Sometimes self care is knowing when you need something to help you until you have the ability to manage it on your own.

And there is absolutely no shame in that! God's strength is made perfect in my weakness.

By His Grace,


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