Shame on You - Part 1

Have you ever dealt with shame? I think a some point in all of our lives there is something that either we did or something that someone did to use that leads us to shame.

We can feel shame as a result of the things someone did to us, the things that we have done to ourselves and finally the things we do to others. I myself have struggled for along time carrying the shame of what someone else did to me and the things I've done to myself.

As a child I experienced childhood victimization which resulted in my first experience with shame. In this week's podcast season 3 episode 7 I discuss how acknowledging my pain, therapy and surrender to God healed me mind, body and spirit.

A resource that helped me to unlock this pain and find hope for healing was reading Breaking Free, By Beth Moore. In chapter 19, Hearts Broken in Childhood, she speaks directly to childhood victimization and walks through Matthew 18:1-9 to help us try to deal with the "whys" of our pain.

For key points that she shares from these scriptures that have helped me through daily meditation and prayer are:

1. Children are the apple of Christ’s eye.

2. Children are uniquely accompanied by Christ.

3. Abuses to children may as well have been personally applied to Christ.

4. Christ is never the author of abuse.

I'm not trying to say that I don't get weak because I do, I am human and sometimes we pick up things that we shouldn't carry. But I now rest in knowing that God has all power and his strength is made perfect in my weakness.

If there is anything in your life that you are ashamed of please know that you don’t have to remain that way. You can have a life minus shame if you are willing to acknowledge it, give it to God, receive your healing and move forward.

Today is a new day! Close your eyes, lift up your hands receive it in your heart and he will make you new!

By His Grace,


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