Show Him Who You Are

Over the years I tried to exude confidence through the clothes that I wore, makeup and accessories. What I came to realize was that confidence is more about your character (inner man) than what you put on your body or whom you pretend to be.

I have spent most of my life being ashamed of how I looked primarily because of my weight.

As a woman over 40 doing the work of becoming all that God has called me to be I realized that shame was hindering me.

A couple of weeks ago I shared that my family and I took a weekend getaway to Daytona Beach. It was amazing and I just wanted so much to enjoy the water and feel it on every part of my skin sans my cover-up.

But, all I could here in my head was, "Girl! Your legs and butt are too big for the world to see!"

Who do you think you are?

That's how the enemy works he wants to tell you everything that you're not because he's scared and knows all that you were created to be.

After about 20 minutes or so I finally took that shame off and removed my cover up and showed the enemy who I am. We will never be perfect and will never have it all together but regardless of that we need to embrace each and every moment that we are on this Earth.

I can no longer be stopped from all that he has for me!

Forever learning, growing and loving who we are.

By His Grace,


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